At Change to Green, we’re proud to be based in New Zealand, where the beautiful beaches and natural environment are a big part of why we’re committed to protecting the planet.

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All of the cotton fabric and thread used to make Happy Book Bag™ is organic and ethically sourced, but don’t take our word for it!

Change to Green products are certified by independent testing and standards organizations. Our certifications verify that our products are produced organically, ethically, and are quality and dermatologically tested.

You can feel better knowing that the organic cotton used to make Happy Book Bag™ is never exposed to nasty chemicals, and the members of the Change to Green team are never put in unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.

Of course, as parents we’ve handled our share of bumps and scrapes, which is why Happy Book Bag™ is built from all-natural, durable cotton. It’s naturally made for kids acting naturally, which includes playing and tumbling around…even when parents say it’s time for dinner.