Happy Book Bag is a sustainable book bag for kids that offers an alternative to vinyl and plastic book bags for parents and educators in New Zealand.Meet Happy Book Bag
A playful learning experience

Happy Book Bag™ is a fun and educational alternative to vinyl and plastic book bags.

Available in natural white with a simple smiley-face design, children have heaps of fun colouring and adding their own personality to Happy Book Bag™.

Parents and teachers can join in the fun by sewing on patches and labels, or simply enjoy the fact that this book bag will last more than one term!

Handcrafted here in New Zealand from 100% Certified Organic Cotton, Happy Book Bag™ is more durable than vinyl and plastic book bags, and much better for the planet.

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Sharing Happiness and Fun

As parents, we love working on arts and crafts projects with our kids. It makes us so happy to see our children having fun and bringing their creations to life. Happy Book Bag™ is designed to be a fun arts project for parents and teachers to enjoy with children.

Kids get to have fun colouring their book bag with fabric markers. Happy Book Bag™ features a smiley-face that gives every little artist a familiar frame of reference to start creating. The reverse side is blank to give kids the freedom to create whatever they’d like.

Happy Book Bag™ is more than fun, it’s an educational experience too! (Shhhh…we won’t tell if you won’t.) Keep reading to learn about The Story of my Happy Book Bag™…

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The Story of my Happy Book Bag

After colouring Happy Book Bag™, the fun continues (and education starts) with a colouring book!

Every Happy Book Bag™ comes with the The Story of my Happy Book Bag, a printed colouring book which takes your child on a journey with Happy Book Bag™.

While colouring and having fun, children learn how Happy Book Bag™ is made. From the farmers who produce the organic cotton, to the local seamstresses who sew Happy Book Bag™, your kids learn how their choices can have a positive impact on the planet and in people’s lives.

The Story of my Happy Book Bag is a fun and interactive way to teach children that they can make a difference in the world and gives you a chance to share your love of the environment with your kids.

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Happy Kids, Parents & Teachers



“I like my new book bag because I can decorate it myself. I liked the cool glasses. I like the story book to show where it comes from.”


Jenny Chapman, teacher at Otumoetai Primary School

“The children really enjoyed creating their own pictures and designs, they will treasure these for many years.”


Arlene with Zoe

“My kids have enjoyed individualizing their book bags with their own art and I like the philosophy behind the organic cotton book bags as well”.


Leonie and Vanessa with Mrs. Chapman

“We like our book bags, because nobody else has the same as we have.”



At Change to Green, we’re proud to be based in New Zealand, where the beautiful beaches and natural environment are a big part of why we’re committed to protecting the planet.

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All of the cotton fabric and thread used to make Happy Book Bag™ is organic and ethically sourced, but don’t take our word for it!

Change to Green products are certified by independent testing and standards organizations. Our certifications verify that our products are produced organically, ethically, and are quality and dermatologically tested.

You can feel better knowing that the organic cotton used to make Happy Book Bag™ is never exposed to nasty chemicals, and the members of the Change to Green team are never put in unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.

Of course, as parents we’ve handled our share of bumps and scrapes, which is why Happy Book Bag™ is built from all-natural, durable cotton. It’s naturally made for kids acting naturally, which includes playing and tumbling around…even when parents say it’s time for dinner.



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